Non Clinical Departments

Anatomy is the branch of biology concerned with the study of the structure of organisms and their parts. Anatomy is a branch of natural science which deals with the structural organization of living things. It is an old science, having its beginnings in prehistoric times.
1Dr Satyashree RayProfessor & H.O.D
2Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Associate Professor
3Mr. Mizoram VarigetiAssistant Professor
4Dr. Dharmendra KumarAssistant Professor
5Dr.Tusar Kant SabatTutor
6Tejeswar Behera
Junior Assistant
7Sasmita Rout
Junior Lab Technician
8Durga Madhab Rath

Disection Hall Assistant
9Nandia MundaDisection Hall Assistant
1Dr Nirupama RayProfessor
2Dr Sanjeev SatpathyAssociate Professor
3Dr. Aiswarya KarAsst. Professor
4Dr. Amita Kumari Panigrahi
Asst. Professor
5Rasmita NayakJunior Assistant
6Manisha Kumari JenaJunior Lab Technician
7Sitanshu Sekhar PandaJunior Lab Technician
1Dr. Anuva MishraProfessor & H.O.D
2Dr. Ruchika PriyadarshiniAssistant Professor
3Dr. Jyoti Prakash PandaAssistant Professor
6 Narayan PanigrahiJunior Lab Technician
7Sunil Kumar SahuJunior Lab Technician
8Sujnani Sangita PriyadarshaniJunior Lab Technician
9Parbati ParajuniJunior Assistant

Para-clinical Departments

1Dr Kishore Chandra BeheraProfessor & H.O.D
2Dr. Suchitra Rani Haldar
Associate Professor
3Dr. Sujata Sethi
Associate Professor
5Dr. Hemant Kumar SahooAssistant Professor
6Dr. Purna Chandra PradhanAssistant Professor
7Dr. Ramesh Kumar Biswal
Assistant Professor
11Mr. N. Hari PrasadJunior Assistant
13Mr Srikant BeheraJunior Lab Technician
14Smt Kuni SiyaJunior Lab Technician
15Smt Ahalyamani JenaMPHS (F)
1Dr Manoj Kumar JenaProfessor & H.O.D
2Dr Bhakta Narayan MundaAssistant Professor
3Dr. Gitikrishna RoutTutor
4Mr. Chitta Ranjan ParidaJunior Assistant
1Dr. Bandana RathProfessor & H.O.D
2Dr Satyajit SamalAssociate Professor
3Dr Manas Ranjan NaikAssistant Professor
4Dr Chhatish Chandra MeherTutor
5Dr. Soumya Ranjan PatraTutor
6Dr. Vandana LathTutor
7Sri Smrutiranjan LenkaJunior Lab Technician
8Sri Jyotiranjan SamantarayJunior Lab Technician
1Dr Sitaram MohapatraProfessor
2Dr Bodhisatwa BeheraAssociate Prof. & H.O.D
3Dr Kalyani HazraAssociate Professor
4Dr Fakir Charan MundaAssistant Professor
5Dr Subrat BurmaAssistant Professor
6Dr Ashok Kumar SinghAssistant Professor
7Dr. Rati Ranjan Swain
8V. NeviaJunior Assistant
9Amuly Sahu
Junior Lab Technician
10Swagatika SatpathyJunior Lab Technician
11Prabina NayakJunior Lab Technician
Sl NoNameDesignationPhoto
1Dr Susanta Kumar SahuProfessor & H.O.D
2Mr Priya Ranjan LenkaAssistant Professor
3Dr Samir Kumar Sadangi
4Dr. Twinkle
5Dr. Nishant Jena
6Sabitri LunguriJunior Assistant
7Sonali PatraJunior Lab Technician
8Dharmendra PanigrahiJunior Lab Technician
9Chandan Kumar MeherJunior Lab Technician

Clinical Departments

1Dr Hari Krishna DalaiProfessor & H.O.D
2Dr Debadas BiswalAssociate Professor
3Dr Chandrasekhar BeheraAssistant Professor
4Dr Bimal Prasad SahuAssistant Professor
5Dr. Ambika Prasad TripathyAssistant Professor
6Dr Gopal Krishna NayakSenior Resident
Sl No.NameDesignationPhoto
1Dr. J. Srinivas kumar Professor & H.O.D
2Dr. Chandan Sourabh
Assistant Professor
3Dr.Sucheta PuvvulaSenior Resident
4Dr Fauzia TanweerJunior Resident
1Dr Krishna Chandra MallikProfessor & H.O.D
2Dr. Rajesh KarAssistant Professor
3Dr. Salam MKSenior Resident
4Asutosh Bikash DashAudiometric Technician
1Dr. Namita Mohanty
Professor & H.O.D
2Dr. Sachhidananda Nayak
Associate Professor
3Dr. Madhusmita Patnaik
Associate Professor
4Dr. Nirmal Chandra Sahu
Associate Professor
5Dr. M. Nageswar

Assistant Professor
6Dr. Chinmaya Kumar Majhi
Assistant Professor
7Dr. Sidhartha Sankar Bhuyan

Assistant Professor
8Dr. Radha Krishna Naik

Post PG Senior Resident
9Dr. Kamal Kumar Meher

Post PG Senior Resident
10Dr. Mitranki Rathi
Post PG Senior Resident
11Dr. Abinash Barik
Post PG Senior Resident
12Dr. Bideti Sreerekha
Post PG Senior Resident
13Dr. Shanigarapu Vikram
Post PG Senior Resident
14Mr. Kartik SisaJunior Assistant
15Mr. Janardan Mohanta
ECG Technician
1 Dr. Bhupati Bhusan Das Professor & H.O.D
2Dr. Laxminarayan Mohanty
Associate Professor
3Dr. Subhabrata Das

Associate Professor
4Dr. Kedarnath Nayak

Associate Professor
5Dr. Abhishek Patra

Assistant Professor
6Dr. Rajesh Kumar Rana
Assistant Professor
7Dr. Debasish Ray
Assistant Professor
8Dr. Rakesh Roshan Behera
Senior Resident
9Dr. Avinash PattjoshiSenior Resident
10Dr. Sabyasachi MahapatraJunior Resident
11Mr. Pradipta Gadnayak
Junior Assistant
1Dr. Sujata SwainProfessor & H.O.D
2Dr. Radhakanta Panigrahi
Associate Professor
3Dr. Utkal NaikAssistant Professor
4Dr Jagdish Chandra Behera Assistant Professor
5Dr. SamarpitaSenior Resident
6Dr. Basudev MarandiSenior Resident
7Miss Anjali Kumari NayakJunior Assistant
1Dr. Rajashree RoutAssociate Professor
2Dr. Chitrasen BaskeyAssistant Professor
3Dr. Chandan Kumar MekapSenior Resident
1Dr. Manoranjan MallikProfessor & H.O.D
2Dr. Sandeep VelagadaAssistant Professor
3Dr. Chinmaya SahuAssistant Professor
1Dr. Pradeep Kumar Jena
Professor & H.O.D
2Dr Siba Shankar BerihaAssociate Professor
3Dr. Swayang Prava Pradhan
Assistant Professor
4Dr. Sandeep Kumar TripathyAssistant Professor
5Mr. Prasant Kumar Sahoo
Junior Assistant
1Dr. Arnab Swain
Assistant Professor
2Dr. Biswajit PatiSenior Resident
1Dr. Ananta Charan MeherAssistant Professor
1Dr. Krushna Chandra BiswalProfessor & HOD
2Subhashree SahooDark Room Assistant
1Dr. Sibasish Patro
Assistant Professor & H.O.D
2Dr. Manabendra DasSenior Resident

Office of the Dean and Principal

Sl No.NameDesignationPhoto
1Bibhuti Bhusan AcharyaSection Officer
2Hemanta Kumar SauraSenior Assistant
3Banita JalJunior Assistant
4Amlan SwainJunior Assistant
5Santosh Kumar PatraJunior Assistant
6Purna Chandra JaniJunior Assistant
7Siba Sankar KhemuduJunior Assistant
8Sunita Rani BeheraJunior Assistant


Sl NoNameDesignationPhoto
1Swagatika MishraJunior Assistant

Health workers

Sl NoNameDesignationPhoto
1Sri Nrusingha Charan PandaMPHS(M)
2Sri Laxmi Narayan PaikaMPHW(M)

Office Of Medical Superintendent

01Mr.Subhendu Sekhar PandaHospital Manager
02Mr.Abhiram SahooHospital Manager
03Mrs. Jayanti DasSenior Assistant
04Mr.Chandra Sekhar ChalanSenior Assistant
05Mr.Bhawani Prasad NayakJunior Assistant
06Mr.Dolamani NayakJunior Assistant
07Mrs.Sarita MahapatroJunior Assistant
08Mr. Bajra Prasad KandhapaniJunior Assistant
09Mr. N. Hari PrasadJunior Assistant
10Mr.Kartik SisaJunior Assistant